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name's Ethan!

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based in Berkeley, CA.

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More about me

I am an undergraduate student at UC Berkeley studying Computer Science and Data Science with an emphasis in business and industrial analytics. I am passionate about using software applications and machine learning models that I've built to improve people's everyday lives. I also am an entrepreneur by heart and love working on internet marketing projects that reach hundreds of thousands of people.

During my free time, I love playing/watching basketball, going on hikes, late night runs, and trying out new foods.

My experience


  • Engineered a full stack app that established DashMart as the source of truth for facility data management, which enhanced data quality & consistency, improved sox compliance, reduced on call load, and saved tool/process operation costs
  • Implemented service endpoints with Protobuf & gRPC - integrated data logging/backfill, allowlist APIs, and unit/pulse tests
  • Developed the BFF and updated the UI with React & GraphQL, streamlining operators' data access & modification for facilities

Software Engineer — React, Typescript, Kotlin, PostgreSQL, CockroachDB, Python

The Daily Californian

  • Improved performance & enhanced scalability of UC Berkeley's news site by migrating the existing WordPress app to NextJS
  • Queried content from WordPress by constructing custom PHP APIs, enabling writers to utilize a familiar CMS interface
  • Implemented header bidding with the PrebidJS wrapper and Google Ad Manager increasing ad revenue by 35%

Full Stack Engineer — React, NextJS, NodeJS, PHP

Wells Fargo

  • Augmented automation and scalability using IAC with Terraform and Azure - integrated with the preexisting CI/CD pipeline
  • Ideated and developed an AngularJS application for interns to expand their professional network and deployed it to the cloud
  • Automated tasks in Jira and cross-validated data in Python, saving time and improving data accuracy for executives

Software Engineer Intern — AngularJS, Agile Development, Microsoft Azure Cloud

CoreVest Finance

  • Constructed a profile for primary clients using collected data, aiding in identifying future prospects and generating leads
  • Transformed previously inaccessible data in thousands of scanned PDFs to usable data for exploration and analysis
  • Developed a Random Forest Classifier to predict loan status months into the future with 97.2% accuracy

Data Science Intern — Python, RegEx, OCR, Pandas, NumPy, Scikit-Learn


For a more concise version of my experience highlighting my most relevant skills, please checkout my resume below!